Time Management

The purpose of the e-learning course is to help people analyze their own behavioural patterns of using time, both at their work place and during their freetime. This course is meant for situations, where people are having a hard time in finding what is causing the inefficiency, and they lack the best practices to handle the flood of tasks and information.


This course is about analysing the personal use of time and finding tools to feel more controlled about the daily life, both in work and on free time:

  • Why are we busy?
  • Rhythm
  • Organize your work
  • Roles
  • Relax
  • Efficient time management

After completing this e-learning course , you may print a diploma of your online study.

Target audience

People who want to analyze their personal use of time and find tools for better time management both in work and on free time.


About 40 minutes including exercises.

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