Sales and Customer service

In a challenging market situation the importance of sales and customers service is highlighted. Rapid communication about new products and services, and skills to apply this information in interactions with customers in the best possible manner requires constant renewal and learning.

MPS Prewise, with its customer companies, has developed sales and customers service and the skills of our customers via digital training tools. When the sales skills and supporting material are in order, the salesperson can further shift focus towards work with customers and gain more from visits to customers. Efficiency and profitability are increased. Customer servants also gain new instruments for everyday work.

The level of required know-how in sales and customer service has increased. The development of skills and self-improvement must be perpetual. The progress of skills is a part of work and the chance of learning must be available even 24/7/365.

The material should be utilizable also with various end-devices, in all manners of situations - as well as mobile when necessary. In situations where quick decisions must be made, the form and accessibility of information matters. The right knowledge, in the right format increases efficiency - not the number of words matters, but form and availability.

B2B The Basics of Sales Skills, course package

As the world is constantly changing, new business interests and market requirements drive changes in sales. For sales professionals this means ongoing improvement in work performance and personal sales skills.

The training program, B2B Sales Skills, consists of three modules that provide information and ideas that support sales work. The first module focuses on the planning of the sales process. The second module discusses the development of individual sales skills whereas the third module covers the basics of sales negotiation and closing the deal.

The training program will provide you with a comprehensive idea of how the job of selling should change in order to meet the current market requirements. You’ll also learn how to successfully plan a sales process, how to build a good customer relationship, how to gain a deep understanding of the customer’s business needs, how to plan and build a successful sales negotiation, and you’ll learn which issues have an influence on the buying decision. All modules are independent courses, but grouped together they provide a comprehensive study package for developing the skills that are needed in a successful sales process.


  • Part 1 - The Sales Process
  • Part 2 - Personal Sales Skills
  • Part 3 - Basics of Sales Negotiation

For more details of each course, see the the navigation on the left. Having completed the course, students may print out a diploma.

Target audience

This course suits perfectly for individuals who are about to start sales work or have already worked in sales for some time, but who consider the revision of basics and the enhancement of their own competence a priority.


It takes about 40 minutes to study one course.

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