Competence Development Tools - Prewise Gimlet

Prewise Gimlet system supports companies' strategic development projects in implementing changes and developing skills.

Prewise Gimlet Learning Suite is a comprehensive solution for the development and maintenance of an organisation's skills through digital channels. The system covers all functions related to online training, from efficient course production to administering training and measuring the results, as well as testing and evaluating people's skills.

Our customers can choose between turnkey solutions and the Flex Service model.

The Prewise Gimlet system has been specifically designed for the needs of business operations. It combines the theoretical online learning framework with methods of marketing and communication.

This combination guarantees the adoption of information supporting the corporate identity and a strong brand – in a format that motivates and interests learners.
The Prewise Gimlet system is a safe, flexible solution with a modular structure that enables it to be easily extended as the needs of the organisation change.

Quick and easy start-up

The Prewise Gimlet solution is based on the .NET architecture and an SQL Server database. The system is compatible with HR and ERP systems.

MPS Prewise offers a reliable, cost-efficient Software as a Service (SaaS) environment that fits well for small user groups as well as for organisations with thousands of employees.

The benefits of a SaaS solution include a quick, easy start-up together with low initial investment and operating costs. The start-up does not require a separate IT project; instead, all resources can be used for developing the change implementation and training content and for completing the program.

User administration can be synchronised with the customer organisation's own user administration systems to implement user-friendly single sign-on (SSO) user verification systems. With the help of our international partner network, the availability of technology services can be guaranteed, even in large-scale global development and training projects.

Technical support

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