Prewise Gimlet Learning Community includes and inspires the personnel about change

Prewise Gimlet Learning Community is perfectly suited for situations where a new strategy, process, set of products, set of values or an operating method needs to be effectively and efficiently communicated to a heterogeneous target group, whose level of motivation for adopting the new information needs to be maximised.

An extension to the Prewise Gimlet LMS software, Prewise Gimlet Learning Community utilises the concepts of social media and competing. Learning Community is a versatile implementation tool that can be used to carry out effective, motivational learning campaigns. The system enables collaborative online learning in which the participants develop and share skills together. The system offers the organisation powerful tools for guiding and activating the community to ensure that the objectives set are reached.

Prewise Gimlet Learning Community is a ready-made motivational concept that can be tailored to meet the customer's wishes for concept, campaign identity, visual layout and content. See an example >>

Turning learning into participation

Prewise Gimlet Learning Community combines community-based forms of communication with online and mobile learning, successfully supporting traditional face-to-face events and training sessions. The system also works well as a part of classroom training and workshops. It does not replace traditional online training courses, but delivers them efficiently to the community for use. Learning, collaboration and participation is possible anywhere and at any time through the online community.

Prewise Gimlet Learning Community's functions:

  • A learning path bound to time and topicInitial level and final tests
  • Discussions and group creation
  • Sharing content produced by users
  • Planning and evaluating one's own learning
  • Evaluating and rating content
  • Collecting performance and activity pointsCompetitions and gaming

Technical support

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