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With Gimlet Composer, creating online courses is easier than ever. It is a user-friendly, easy-to-adopt authoring tool for your organization.

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When you create courses with Gimlet Composer, you have a range of different task and page types to choose from. Other components are also available to add functionality and layers to your course. With the shared comment tool, you can also easily turn your content creation project into a team effort. You also have the option of saving time in some of your projects by duplicating your existing courses and copying pages from other courses in the tool.

Gimlet Composer is used in a web browser so you can start using it quickly with no need to install software on your computer. Courses created with Gimlet Composer are responsive, which means that the course template will be scaled to the device you’re using.

Gimlet Composer is available on a monthly subscription basis (Software as a Service, SaaS). When the tool is taken into use, we will create a custom course template using the customer’s visual guidelines so that the courses created will be consistent with the brand. The Composer tool requires no technical expertise or programming skills – to use it, all you need is a computer with an internet connection.

The courses created in Gimlet Composer can be published either on the Gimlet LMS or as SCORM packages on the learning platform of your choice.

Our experts at MPS Prewise are always available if you need extra help in building your online courses, from technical support to content creation expertise. We offer these additional services to you quickly and flexibly.

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