Gimlet LMS (Learning Management System) is the core of the Learning Suite system

Gimlet LMS consists of two components.The Administration component is used for maintaining a library of learning templates, constructing learning paths, measuring and reporting performance, and administering users and study groups. The other component is the Learning Portal, which personnel can use to register for training quickly and easily, open their own online learning materials and track their own performance.

Gimlet LMS combines all administration, reporting and other work related to training events into one digital hub, eliminating the need for separate tools and extra manual work. The system improves the management of all information related to learning, and makes the use of time more efficient.

Gimlet LMS Administration

Efficient administration of the study process ensures that people taking the course progress with their studies according to the agreed schedule. Administration also provides reports on performance and, above all, enables training results to be verified and measured relative to the established goals.

  • Management of the learning content library (online courses, videos, links, face-to-face training, other materials)
  • Learning paths’ creation and targeting them at different target groups
  • Setting checkpoints for trainings
  • Automatically scheduled invitations, reminders and encouragement messages by email or SMS
  • Comprehensive performance and monitoring reports
  • An unlimited number of courses, tasks, persons and companies
  • A versatile material bank for images, videos, animations, etc.
  • Support for content with multiple language versions
  • The user administration supports large-scale organisations

Gimlet LMS Learning Portal

Prewise Gimlet Learning Portal is a software application designed for the distribution of face-to-face and online training events. The software makes it quick and easy to present training courses of different types and register for them. Various properties can be defined for each training event, allowing the organiser of the course to obtain the exact information they need in each case.

With the Prewise Gimlet Learning Portal solution, the company can offer its own customers and partners an easy route to starting online training courses and registering for them. The product can be used to manage the company's internal and external training events. The system can also be easily connected to the customer's other internal and external online services.

Learners' personal course histories available in one place

The system offers a central location for participants where general information regarding the training can be found, together with the person's own training history. Using the service is easy. The information is always available online, and registration is possible 24/7.

The Prewise Gimlet LMS functions in a nutshell

  • Clear and simple user interface, which enables customisation
  • Registration forms and administration of the registered participants' information
  • Invitations, reminders and registration confirmation by email or SMS message
  • Reports of participants and users online or in Excel format
  • Cancellation of registration in the Learning Portal system
  • Timed publishing of content
  • Course descriptions
  • Restrict the visibility of course information to a certain target group with learning paths
  • User-specific course history available for the course participant and the training administrator

Technical support

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