Gimlet Learning Suite supports guided and goal-oriented skills development

Prewise Gimlet Learning Suite includes the following parts:

Gimlet LMS (Learning Management System)

  • Divided into two functional components: Administration and Learning Portal
  • The Administration component is only used by the system administrators and includes the following features: user administration, content library management, learning paths, reporting and learning process control
  • The Learning Portal delivers the content to end users and includes personal learning paths, access to the content library and performance tracking.

Gimlet Community

  • Extends the functionality of the LMS Learning Portal into a versatile collaborative system
  • The Community can be modified to support various motivation concepts, brands, or change and development programs

Gimlet Composer

Is a user-friendly and easy-to-use content production tool for creating simple online coursesWhen using Gimlet Composer there is also a possibility to use MPS Prewise's Flex Service as support.

Gimlet Mobile

  • Use the Learning Portal, Community and different content with a mobile device


Technical support

In technical problems contact