Jerker Gräsbeck

Jerker holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. At MPS, Jerker works as a Senior Consultant including tasks in Board and Management Development projects. Jerker has in his previous career focused on international business development and also hands-on-led businesses with focus on international sales and marketing. He has mainly engaged himself and had leading positions within in the chemical, pulp & paper, mining and food industries. These activities have also resulted in Jerker living at different locations in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

In his spare time Jerker engages actively in many kinds of sports, especially in ice hockey, which he has played for 40 years on different levels; Jerker also coaches junior hockey players. Other hobbies are hunting, boating and staying at the summer house in the Finnish archipelago.

Jerker Gräsbeck
Senior Advisor, MPS International Business Lead

Phone: +358 40 050 6185